1. People gracefully pass objects from person to person. 1 more object than there are persons. Objects: hats, umbrellas, hoops, etc.
  2. Yoga exercises



  1. Everybody rants in foreign languages they don't know
  2. Everybody copies bizarre sounds that David makes



  1. Extended Metaphor (with paper and pens):
    1. Person 1 writes a metaphor about ALT or a person in ALT (e.g. "Astronaut Love Triangle is a kiss on the lips")
    2. Person 2 extends the metaphor (e.g. "or a knife in the back")
    3. Person 3 concludes the thought (e.g. "just like a date with James Bond")
  2. Person, Place, Thing (slips of paper, pens):
    1. On slips of paper, people write names or descriptions of people (e.g. Manny Blue, Lindsay Lohan, The Cyber Stalker), places (e.g. the kitchen, Arnprior, the emergency room), things (e.g. hand mixer, binder clip, rocket launcher).
    2. The slips are folded. Placed in separate piles for each category, or all in one pile if the paper was colour coded.
    3. One slip from each category is drawn and read.
    4. First player explains why the person is in the place with the thing. (e.g. Manny Blue is in the kitchen with a hand mixer because she couldn't sleep and left her sex toys at home.)
    5. Another set is drawn, next player explains, continuing until participants are tired or slips are gone.
    6. Optional mandatory condition or Bonus Points: Participants must link their explanation to those that have gone before. (e.g. the Cyber Stalker is in the emergency room with a binder clip holding his pants together because things the handmixer's off switch broke on his date with Manny Blue.)